Freedom from Fear

A 31-day journey with Jesus to live our lives free of fears and anxieties

Materials needed: A Bible and index cards

How to get started:

  • Pray, pray, and pray some more. Ask God if God is calling you to take this journey.
  • Make a commitment to God to take this 31-day journey with Jesus.
  • Make a commitment to spend about 15 minutes a day, to first pray, read the bible verse and passage, and meditate on the scripture and passage, then read and meditate on the “Freedom from Fear” blog on our website (
  • Share your thoughts and ask questions about the bible verse and passage on the blog.
  • You will part of a community of believers who choose to take this journey with Jesus to live free of fears and anxieties.

How it works:

  1. Always pray before you begin this daily commitment, asking God to reveal to you what God wants you to learn from the day’s bible verse and passage.
  2. After praying first, read the bible verse and passage.
  3. Next, write down the bible verse on an index card, so you can refer to it when needed, and use it to begin to memorize the verse.
  4. Pray, read, and meditate on the devotion on the church website for the bible verse of the day. Feel free to “blog” any comments, questions, or thoughts.
  5. Create a journal, so you can reflect on your experience on this journey.
  6. Record your daily journey on your monthly log.
  7. Thank God for allowing you to take this journey with Jesus.
  8. Go about your day, knowing that God is with you, and you can be free of all your fears and anxieties.
  9. Have a wonderful day! Be fearless! Love God! Love yourself. Love your neighbor!
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