This is both the easiest topic I have ever had to write on and the hardest all at the same time. Hope can mean so much or so little for someone, and it’s all dependent upon what your prior circumstances may have been.

To start off, hope is not a feeling. While feelings of hope can swarm/swell up in someone, and you will feel hope, it’s an action. Hope is, more or less, trust. You are either placing your trust in someone, or maybe a potential job, or circumstances to happen. Generally, the strongest feelings of hope you feel are tied into a circumstance of having trust in something or someone.

I have dealt with experiences of having hope recently, with the death of my grandfather, looking and hoping that God will provide me with a job in youth ministry, or through having to give hope in others! It’s a real struggle at times, with no real promise in anything other than the fact that someone – or God – has promised something to you. Going off of a word and putting absolute trust in that word is what makes hope what it is. And when that trust is so strong, it becomes a feeling that you just can’t shake. You know without a doubt that the promise given to you is beyond breaking. And that knowledge is what creates hope.

Sometimes we can be deceived into following after false hopes. People in our lives offer us up words that have no proven track record, or even are eloquent with their words that they bring us to a point of believing whatever they say. It’s very easy to be fooled. The best way to counteract such false hopes is to solely trust in Jesus and His words and promises.